Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Comics.

I am currently working on two new comic projects. I will apologize right now for them, and suggest that when I do post them you do not read them or give them to anyone else to read. They will be wildly inappropriate and immature, with mature content. I know, sorry.

I am having fun with a new drawing group, a bunch of local comic artists and illustrators get together at a coffee shop and draw and allow me to draw with them. A few weeks ago we had a 24 hr comic challenge where we try to draw 24 pages in the 24 hrs. I am not usually successful at staying up past 9 p.m., so it was a challenge. I stayed up for a worthy 20 hrs and finished 9 pages, which I find impressive for myself considering the extreme drowsiness. I will be posting comic things, and other art here, soon hopefully.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Free Internets!

Caitlin is playing with Caitlin #2 tonight so I am at Whole Foods using their internet once again. Grand isn't it, free internet that is (Whole Foods is pretty awesome too).

I saw Avatar last night with my homeboy Justin (I don't say homeboy, I'm not gangsta'! But it sure is fun to write that way.) The movie was great! I don't care that the story line was so straightforward, the graphics were AMAZING! I really liked the way the alien race looked, and the idea for the science of the planet was really cool. I was disappointed to have not seen it in 3D. I did talk Caitlin into going to see it with me at the imax, not a lot of begging was needed she wanted to see it too.

I know they aren't long but I am kind of an empty head, so, until next time.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New to all of this!

I am new to the blogging world and have a hard time believing that anyone wants to read about my life and all that, but here it goes.

I have recently moved to Downtown Salt Lake. Caitlin (my fiance) and I got an awesome studio apartment on 5th east, it's pretty amazing.

I am at a loss of what to tell people, really... movies! We (Caitlin and I) went to go see Sherlock Holmes, we loved it. It made me wish that I had money and a good tailor. I would dress in a well cut three piece suit everywhere I went, like Jude Law's Watson.

Caitlin and I were in Whole Foods the other day (like we are most days, I love that place), anyway, one of the guy at the check stand said to me, "If I was casting for a play and I had to cast for an Irish guy, I would cast you." I wondered to myself if he would really cast me wholly on the way I look, I for one can say I have no acting experience. I just found it a strange thing to say to a total stranger.